RHS Prom & Graduation Updates 5/26/20

RHS Prom & Graduation Updates 5/26/20
Posted on 05/26/2020
This is the image for the news article titled RHS Prom & Graduation Updates 5/26/20May 26, 2020

Dear Senior Students & Parents:

Thank you for your patience as we’ve worked through our prom and graduation plans. We have monitored the restrictions and guidelines from the Governor, local city council, and the Phelps County Health Department. We have also been working with our administrative team and school board to make the best decision possible for our students. We understand this isn’t the scenario any of us wished, nor would it be what we would do under normal circumstances, but we believe, after thoughtful consideration, this is the best for our students.

First the bad news, due to the 6 feet social distance restriction we will not be able to hold prom. We wish there was a way to overcome this. But we don’t foresee this restriction changing anytime in the immediate future, nor do we believe it is feasible or doable to ask kids to dance 6 feet apart. With that in mind, we have decided to cancel this year’s prom. We are sorry our students will miss this event, unfortunately we don’t see another alternative.

The good news, we will proceed with graduation in June. We are however, making a slight change with the June date. We have decided to move graduation to Saturday night, June 13 at 7:30 pm. We are doing this for a couple of reasons. First, moving to Saturday will allow us to keep Sunday, June 14 as a rain date. Originally, we believed we would reduce seating and move to the gym in the event of rain. However, as we discussed this option further, we realized we wouldn’t have room to fit all the graduates, let alone any family. The second reason for the change is the temperature. Moving graduation to 7:30 will hopefully be a little cooler than an afternoon ceremony. We understand some graduation parties are already scheduled for Saturday evening, and we apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope that having to rearrange a party time is better than putting off graduation until the next week should bad weather occur. The 7:30 start will hopefully allow for graduation parties to take place Saturday morning and early Saturday afternoon.

The other issue we’ve wrestled with is the amount of parents and family able to attend the ceremony. Due to the current restrictions, we are not able to allow as many people as we would like. We believe that allowing six tickets per graduate will keep us within the social distancing guidelines. We understand that this may not allow entire families and extended family to attend, but we hope this at least allows for some. Students who don’t need six are certainly free to give away their extras to those who might need more. Our office will only be distributing six tickets per graduate.

Finally, we will have graduation practice and lunch on Thursday, June 11 at 10:00 am. Senior students are asked to come and participate. Lunch will be provided following graduation practice.

Thank you for your patience as we’ve made these decisions. Your understanding and flexibility are very much appreciated. As you know, I have three seniors graduating this year, as well. I understand, maybe more than in most years, the stress, impact, and changing of plans this COVID-19 issue has created for you and your senior. Thank you for all you’ve done for your student over the years, and I look forward to closing out their senior year on a high note with our graduation ceremony.


Dr. Pritchett